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Elaine Gwendoline POTTER (1910- )


Elaine Gwendoline POTTER, c. 1917, age 7

Name: Elaine Gwendoline POTTER1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred William POTTER ( -1937)
Mother: Esther FOAKES (1874-1938)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 19102

Individual Note (shared)

Source 00699 says Gwendoline Potter - is the the same person? - or was Elaine Gwendoline one of the two children who died as infants/babies and there was another child named Gwendoline Potter


1Not known - supplied by Caroline Foakes, "Descendants of JOHN FOAKS/ROBERT FOLKES".

Source: John Foakes, Source 00154 - Descendants of John Foakes_2

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