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Family of Robert FOAKES and Emma DINES

Husband: Robert FOAKES (1831-1907)
Wife: Emma DINES (1838?-c. 1919)
Children: Emma FOAKES (1858-1941)
Eliza FOAKES (c. 1860-c. 1960)
Charles FOAKES (1862-1944)
Walter FOAKES (1865- )
Alice FOAKES (1867- )
Richard FOAKES (1870-1949)
Annie FOAKES (1873- )
Marriage 28 Feb 1857 St Mary the Virgin Church, Salcott, Essex, England (picture below)

Husband: Robert FOAKES


Robert FOAKES, St Mary the Virgin Church, Salcott

Name: Robert FOAKES
Sex: Male
Father: Robert FOLKS (1807?-1885)
Mother: Mary Ann WHITMORE (1812-1863)
Christening 21 Mar 1830 (age -2--1) Salcott, Essex, England
Christened FOAKES
Birth 1831 Salcott, Essex, England
1851 Census: Age 21 Census; Age 69 Dob 1832
Occupation 1851, 1857, 1861, 1862: Farm Labourer
Occupation 1871 Census: Agricultural Labourer
Occupation 1881, 1891, 1895 & 1901 Census: Farm Bailiff
Occupation 1889: Tailor
Death 1907 (age 75-76)

Wife: Emma DINES


Emma DINES, Emma Coldham born 1840


Emma DINES, St Mary the Virgin Church, Salcott

Name: Emma DINES
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Emma COLDHAM
Father: William DINES (aft1814- )
Mother: Sarah COLDHAM (1812?-1878?)
Birth 1838 (est) Wigborough, Essex, England
1901 Census: age 58 Dob 1843
Baptism Q1 1839 (age 0-1) Lexton District
Essex, England
Lexden &c Vol 12 page 122
Residence 6 Jun 1841 (age 2) Great Wigborough, Essex, England
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 13) Apprentice Tailoress; Colchester, Essex, England
11 Barrach Street, St Botolph
Residence 30 Mar 1851 (age 13) Colchester, Essex, England
11 Barrack Street, St Botolph
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 42-43) Farm Bailiffs Wife
Occupation 1891 Census Dressmaker
Death c. 1919 (age 80-81)

Child 1: Emma FOAKES


Emma FOAKES, Emma Foakes

Name: Emma FOAKES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John GOODDY (c. 1855-1885)
Spouse 2: Frederick George HAWKINS (1858-1932)
Children: John GOODDY ( - )
Ethel HAWKINS (1890- )
Able HAWKINS (1892- )
Violet HAWKINS (1894-1975)
Ivy HAWKINS (1896- )
Edgar HAWKINS (1898- )
Jane HAWKINS (1902- )
Birth 1858 Salcott, Essex, England
Death 31 Dec 1941 (age 82-83) 9 Gainsbrough Gardens, Greenford, Middlesex, England
Burial Greenford, Middlesex, England
Greenford Park Cemetery

Child 2: Eliza FOAKES

Name: Eliza FOAKES
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Frederick WISEMAN ( - )
Children: Violet WISEMAN (1899-1992)
Birth c. May 1860 Salcott, Essex, England
Birth Index 4a 250
Occupation 1881 Census: Domestic Servant
Death c. 1960 (age 99-100)

Child 3: Charles FOAKES


Charles FOAKES, emk Grave


Charles FOAKES, cf grave


Spouse: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW, cf grave


Spouse: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW, emk Grave

Name: Charles FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW (1870-1952)
Children: Annie Gladis (Glad) FOAKES (1888-1979)
Edgar Robert FOAKES (c. 1893-1916)
Bertram Victor (Bert) FOAKES (1895-1980)
Walter Henry FOAKES (1896-1972)
Charles Wilfred (Wilf) FOAKES (1901- )
Unknown Child 1 FOAKES ( -bef1911)
Birth 7 Nov 1862 Salcott, Essex, England
As Birth Certificate- all other info should be disregarded, See
Occupation Agricultural Labourer - Farm Labourer - Also worked as a Navvy on the building of the Severn Tunnel
Occupation 1907: - Blacksmith, 1911: - Labourer on Farm
Education Charles was virtually illiterate - I wonder if this is true as the 1911 Census was signed Charles Foakes the form appears to have been completed in the same hand
Death 3 Aug 1944 (age 81)
Burial London Road Cemetery, Salisbury (Section M Plot 86)
See Notes

Child 4: Walter FOAKES

Name: Walter FOAKES
Sex: Male
Birth 1865 Salcott, Essex, England
1881 Census: born Tollesbury, Essex, England
Occupation 1881 Census - Farm Labourer

Child 5: Alice FOAKES

Name: Alice FOAKES
Sex: Female
Birth 1867 Tollesbury, Essex, England
1881 Census: age 12 DoB 1869

Child 6: Richard FOAKES


Richard FOAKES, Richard Foakes gravestone


Richard FOAKES, birch Parish Church


Spouse: Elizabeth Caroline, Richar%20Foakes%20wife%20and%20Daughter_small


Spouse: Elizabeth Caroline, birch Parish Church


Spouse: Elizabeth Caroline, Richard Foakes gravestone

Name: Richard FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Caroline (1875-1943)
Children: Dick FOAKES (1899-1959)
Birth 1870 Tollesbury, Essex, England
1901 Census; age 30 DoB 1871
Occupation 1901 Census: Agricultural Labourer
Death 14 Sep 1949 (age 78-79)
Burial aft 14 Sep 1949 Birch Parish Church, Birch, Essex, England
Grave Number 16459

Child 7: Annie FOAKES

Name: Annie FOAKES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaiah William John (William) BINKS (1867- )
Children: William BINKS (1898- )
Queenie Gladys E BINKS (1899- )
Frederick Walter BINKS (c. 1901- )
Mertle Irene BINKS (c. 1903- )
Joyce Annie BINKS (c. 1909- )
Birth 1873 Salcott, Essex, England

Note on Husband: Robert FOAKES - shared note

Surname FOLKS IN 1851 Censusand on Robert's marriage certificate 1851 Census: Age 21 DoB 1830 1871 Census: age 40 DoB 1831 1901 Census; Age 69 Dob 1832 Source 00425 has confused Chistening Date & Date of Birth

Note on Wife: Emma DINES (1)

Emma was Illiterate and signed John & Sarah' Marriage Certificate, as a witness, with X the mark of

Note on Wife: Emma DINES (2) - shared note

1861 Census: age 24 DoB 1837 There is some confusion over Emma's Maiden Name - Charles Birth Certificate says "formerly DINES",Marriage Certificate says "COLDHAM" Her father William DINES Her sister's name is also recorded as "COLDHAM" Did her father have two marriages or was he her stepfather? Source 00425 recognises Emma Coldman but otherwise we believe the details to be incorrect Maiden Name spelt DINNES on Source Emma was not able to write, signing Charles's birth certificate with a X as the mark of Emma Foakes

Note on Wife: Emma DINES (3)

Christened Emma Coldham & Emma Coldham in 1841 Census, Also Emma Coldham on Marriage certificate although Father on this document is confirmed as William Dines. Emma is also on the 1851 census as Emma Dines

Note on Wife: Emma DINES (4)

Emma was christened Emma Coldham and it is believed that she was the iligitimate daughter of Sarah Coldham & William Dines

Note on Child 1: Emma FOAKES - shared note

1861 Census: age 4, DoB 1857 Unable to locate on 1891 or 1901 Census

Note on Child 3: Charles FOAKES - shared note

Charles date of birth is from birth certificate - date of death on Source 27 gives date of death and age at death which do not concur - consequently date of death needs to be confirmed Refer to Colchester Directories for Foakes Names Charles's date & place of birth seems to be different wherever you look so best to ignore all but his Birth Certificate. details as noted Source 00029