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Family of Charles FOAKES and Elizabeth Mary KELLOW

Husband: Charles FOAKES (1862-1944)
Wife: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW (1870-1952)
Children: Annie Gladis (Glad) FOAKES (1888-1979)
Edgar Robert FOAKES (c. 1893-1916)
Bertram Victor (Bert) FOAKES (1895-1980)
Walter Henry FOAKES (1896-1972)
Charles Wilfred (Wilf) FOAKES (1901- )
Unknown Child 1 FOAKES ( -bef1911)
Marriage 26 Jan 1889 Parish Church, Maddington, Wiltshire, England

Husband: Charles FOAKES


Charles FOAKES, emk Grave


Charles FOAKES, cf grave

Name: Charles FOAKES
Sex: Male
Father: Robert FOAKES (1831-1907)
Mother: Emma DINES (1838?-c. 1919)
Birth 7 Nov 1862 Salcott, Essex, England
As Birth Certificate- all other info should be disregarded, See
Occupation Agricultural Labourer - Farm Labourer - Also worked as a Navvy on the building of the Severn Tunnel
Occupation 1907: - Blacksmith, 1911: - Labourer on Farm
Education Charles was virtually illiterate - I wonder if this is true as the 1911 Census was signed Charles Foakes the form appears to have been completed in the same hand
Death 3 Aug 1944 (age 81)
Burial London Road Cemetery, Salisbury (Section M Plot 86)
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Wife: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW


Elizabeth Mary KELLOW, cf grave


Elizabeth Mary KELLOW, emk Grave

Name: Elizabeth Mary KELLOW
Sex: Female
Father: Stephen KELLOW (1830- )
Mother: Sarah PRANGLE (1845-1893)
Birth 4 Apr 1870 Maddington, Wiltshire, England
Occupation Possibly In Service
Death 3 Apr 1952 (age 81) Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Grave stone say died aged 80, birth date is correct as Birth
Burial London Road Cemetery, Salisbury
(Section M Plot 86)

Child 1: Annie Gladis (Glad) FOAKES


Spouse: James Henry BURRELL, James H Burrell 1875 - 1949

Name: Annie Gladis (Glad) FOAKES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John WOLSTENHOLME (1881- )
Spouse 2: James Henry BURRELL (1875-1949)
Children: Ronald Charles WOLSTENHOLME (c. 1909- )
Iris Mary BURRELL (c. 1912- )
Eric John (Jack) BURRELL (c. 1913- )
Dorothy (Doro) BURRELL (1924- )
Birth 25 Feb 1888 Maddington, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1911: - Housemaid Domestic
Education 1901 Scholar
Death Jun 1979 (age 91)

Child 2: Edgar Robert FOAKES


Edgar Robert FOAKES, Edgar Robert Foakes, Struma

Name: Edgar Robert FOAKES
Sex: Male
Birth c. Feb 1893 Maddington, Wiltshire, England
March Qtr of 1893
Occupation 1901: - Scholar - 1911: - Soldier, Duke of Cornwall Regiment
Death 23 Sep 1916 (age 23) Kalokastron, Greece
Died during first world war 1914-1918
Burial c. Oct 1916 Struma Military Cemetery, Greece
May be noted on a memorial in St Martins,s Church, Salisbury
Cause of death is unknown as there were no battles in Greece at
this time

Child 3: Bertram Victor (Bert) FOAKES

Name: Bertram Victor (Bert) FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy (Ciss) BROWN ( - )
Children: Sybil Joyce FOAKES (1921-2007)
Edgar George (Eddie) FOAKES (1923-1956)
Leonard Ivor (Len) FOAKES (1930-1998)
Birth 30 Mar 1895 Orcheston St Mary, Wiltshire, England
Possibly born in Maddington, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1911: - Errand Boy for Cycle ----------
Education 1901: - Scholar - Postman
Death Jan 1980 (age 84)

Child 4: Walter Henry FOAKES


Walter Henry FOAKES, feb grave


Spouse: Florence Ethel BOYT, feb grave


Spouse: Florence Ethel BOYT, 1922?, age 23, Florence holding Gwen

Name: Walter Henry FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Ethel BOYT (1899-1970)
Children: Gwendoline Mary FOAKES (1922-2000)
Eileen Mavis FOAKES (1924-1924)
Kenneth Norman FOAKES (1925-1925)
Valerie June FOAKES (c. 1928-1929)
Royston Keith FOAKES (1931- )
Birth 18 Jul 1896 Stoford, nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Unable to substantiate this with 1901 Census
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 15) Errand Boy for Greengrocer - British Army for large part of his life (Served in India)
Occupation General labourer
Occupation At time of retirement Bricklayer for WJ Richards & Sons, Salisbury
Death 21 Mar 1972 (age 75) Fareham, Hampshire, England
Cremation Salisbury Crematorium
Burial 29 Mar 1972 London Road Cemetery, Salisbury
(Section J number 453a) Ashes Interred

Child 5: Charles Wilfred (Wilf) FOAKES

Name: Charles Wilfred (Wilf) FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Doris KNIGHT ( - )
Children: Vera FOAKES ( - )
Birth 1901 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Not in 1901 Census, age 10 in 1911 Census
Education 1911: - School

Child 6: Unknown Child 1 FOAKES

Name: Unknown Child 1 FOAKES
Sex: Unknown
Death bef Apr 1911

Note on Husband: Charles FOAKES - shared note

Charles date of birth is from birth certificate - date of death on Source 27 gives date of death and age at death which do not concur - consequently date of death needs to be confirmed Refer to Colchester Directories for Foakes Names Charles's date & place of birth seems to be different wherever you look so best to ignore all but his Birth Certificate. details as noted Source 00029

Note on Child 1: Annie Gladis (Glad) FOAKES - shared note

1911 Census: - Noted as married but not living with her husband

Note on Child 2: Edgar Robert FOAKES - shared note

Source 23 say Edward but this is corrected by source 68

Note on Child 6: Unknown Child 1 FOAKES - shared note

1911 Census notes 6 children born alive, 5 still living & 1 died