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Family of Edward SPANTON and Elizabeth Ann FARMER

Husband: Edward SPANTON (c. 1848-1917)
Wife: Elizabeth Ann FARMER (1855-1897)
Children: Cicily Harriet SPANTON (1876-1925)
Thomas Edward SPANTON (1877- )
Emily Kate SPANTON (c. 1881-1944)
Florence May SPANTON (1883-1959)
Alice Winifred SPANTON (1886-1932)
Marriage 1873 Canterbury

Husband: Edward SPANTON


Edward SPANTON, Edward Spanton 1848-1917

Name: Edward SPANTON
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas SPANTON ( - )
Mother: Harriett SPANTON ( -1876)
Birth c. 1848 Highgate, Middlesex, England
1881 Census: born Paddington, Middlesex
Occupation 1871 Census: Corporal in 15th Hussars
Occupation 1881 Census: Joiner
Occupation 1891 Census: Fruiterer
Death 1917 (age 68-69) Toronto, Canada
Possibly 21 July 1917, York, Ontario

Wife: Elizabeth Ann FARMER

Name: Elizabeth Ann FARMER
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel FARMER (1810-1867)
Mother: Elizabeth ELLIOTT (c. 1815-1895)
Birth 1855 Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England
Death 1897 (age 41-42) Fulham, London, England

Child 1: Cicily Harriet SPANTON

Name: Cicily Harriet SPANTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wynne JEFFERIES (1878-1947)
Children: Cyril Jack JEFFERIES (1905-1976)
Birth 1875/76 Ashford, Kent, England
Death 1925 (age 48-49) Balham, London, England

Child 2: Thomas Edward SPANTON

Name: Thomas Edward SPANTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1877 Ashford, Kent, England

Child 3: Emily Kate SPANTON

Name: Emily Kate SPANTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: James CHANDLER (c. 1880- )
Children: James Horace CHANDLER (1907- )
Birth c. 1881 Ashford, Kent, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Nurse Domestic
Death 26 Jun 1944 (age 62-63) Acton, England
Died in Air Raid

Child 4: Florence May SPANTON

Name: Florence May SPANTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard Pooley SMITH (1878- )
Children: Evelyn Rachel SMITH (1904-1992)
Birth 1883 Ashford, Kent, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Housemaid Domestic
Death 1959 (age 75-76) Bournemouth

Child 5: Alice Winifred SPANTON

Name: Alice Winifred SPANTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ernest DUNSFORD (1885- )
Birth 1886 Wimbledon, Surrey, England
Death 1932 (age 45-46) Paddington

Note on Husband: Edward SPANTON - shared note

1851 Census: noted as Nephew to Elizabeth Spanton, born about 1802

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Ann FARMER - shared note

1881 Census: notes Wife's name as Bessie

Note on Child 3: Emily Kate SPANTON - shared note

1891 & 1901 Census: name: Kate likely she was known by her second given name

Note on Child 4: Florence May SPANTON - shared note

1901 Census: born Wimbledon, Surrey