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Family of Richard Pooley SMITH and Florence May SPANTON

Husband: Richard Pooley SMITH (1878- )
Wife: Florence May SPANTON (1883-1959)
Children: Evelyn Rachel SMITH (1904-1992)

Husband: Richard Pooley SMITH

Name: Richard Pooley SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1878 Canterbury

Wife: Florence May SPANTON

Name: Florence May SPANTON
Sex: Female
Father: Edward SPANTON (c. 1848-1917)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann FARMER (1855-1897)
Birth 1883 Ashford, Kent, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Housemaid Domestic
Death 1959 (age 75-76) Bournemouth

Child 1: Evelyn Rachel SMITH

Name: Evelyn Rachel SMITH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Thomas RICHARDS (1915-2002)
Birth 22 May 1904 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Death Jan 1992 (age 87) Bournmouth, Hampshire, England

Note on Husband: Richard Pooley SMITH - shared note

Am not convinced about the validity of Source 00288 - Richard Smith does not necessarily relate to "Richard Pooley Smith" and therefore may not be the Husband of Florence May Spanton - Information has not been verified

Note on Wife: Florence May SPANTON - shared note

1901 Census: born Wimbledon, Surrey