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Family of John MUNDAY and Rose Anna {Rosanna} KELLOW

Husband: John MUNDAY (1882-1883)
Wife: Rose Anna {Rosanna} KELLOW (1828-1870)
Children: Emily MUNDAY (1849- )
Frank MUNDAY (c. 1850- )
Frank MUNDAY (1853- )
Alfred Edwin MUNDAY (1854-1918)
William MUNDAY (1857- )
Robert MUNDAY (1859- )
Mary K MUNDAY (1861- )
Rosa Jane MUNDAY (1864- )
Fanny MUNDAY (1869- )
Marriage 13 Nov 1847 West Lavington, Wiltshire, England

Husband: John MUNDAY

Name: John MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Chambers MUNDAY (1783-1844)
Mother: Mary THRING (1783-1839)
Birth Jul 1882 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1851 & 1861: Agricultural Labourer
Death 14 Sep 1883 (age 1) Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Wife: Rose Anna {Rosanna} KELLOW

Name: Rose Anna {Rosanna} KELLOW
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph KELLOW (c. 1807-1888)
Mother: Mary PRANGLE (1805- )
Birth 8 Sep 1828 Maddington, Shrewton, Wiltshire, England
Death 1870 (age 41-42) Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Child 1: Emily MUNDAY

Name: Emily MUNDAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Child 2: Frank MUNDAY

Name: Frank MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Birth c. Aug 1850 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Child 3: Frank MUNDAY

Name: Frank MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Birth 1853 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England
Education 1861 Scholar

Child 4: Alfred Edwin MUNDAY

Name: Alfred Edwin MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Oct 1854 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England
Education 1861: Scholar
Death 11 Jul 1918 (age 63) Crystal Brook, South Australia, Australia

Child 5: William MUNDAY

Name: William MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Birth 1857 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England
Education 1861; Scholar

Child 6: Robert MUNDAY

Name: Robert MUNDAY
Sex: Male
Birth 1859 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Child 7: Mary K MUNDAY

Name: Mary K MUNDAY
Sex: Female
Birth Feb 1861 Shrewton, Wiltshire, England

Child 8: Rosa Jane MUNDAY

Name: Rosa Jane MUNDAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1864

Child 9: Fanny MUNDAY

Name: Fanny MUNDAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1869

Note on Wife: Rose Anna {Rosanna} KELLOW - shared note

1851 Census: name Anna Munday

Note on Child 1: Emily MUNDAY - shared note

1861 Census: Emily is not with Parents - May have died by this time

Note on Child 2: Frank MUNDAY - shared note

1861 Census: Frank does not appear to be with parents at this time albeit there is a Frank Aged 8, is the latter a new or existing child - This Frank may have died before this time