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Family of Alfred William POTTER and Esther FOAKES

Husband: Alfred William POTTER ( -1937)
Wife: Esther FOAKES (1874-1938)
Children: Eveline Esther POTTER (1895- )
Clara POTTER (1899- )
Alfred John POTTER (1901- )
Fred POTTER (1903- )
Esther POTTER (1905- )
Vera POTTER (1907- )
Elaine Gwendoline POTTER (1910- )
Cora May POTTER (1912- )
Iris POTTER (1914- )
Zena POTTER (1917- )
Dulcie Ruth POTTER ( - )
Marriage 12 May 1894 Salcott, Essex, England

Husband: Alfred William POTTER


Alfred William POTTER, c. 1894, Potter and Foakes


Alfred William POTTER, c. 1917, Potter family

Name: Alfred William POTTER
Sex: Male
Father: John POTTER ( - )
Mother: Jane JOHNSON ( - )
Birth Tollesbury, Essex, England
Death 1937

Wife: Esther FOAKES


Esther FOAKES, c. 1894, age 20, Potter and Foakes


Esther FOAKES, c. 1917, age 43, Potter family

Name: Esther FOAKES
Sex: Female
Father: John FOLKS (1833-1882)
Mother: Sarah COLDHAM (1833?-1904)
Birth 1874 Salcott, Essex, England
Christening 1 Nov 1874 (age 0) Salcott St, Essex, England
Residence 5 Apr 1891 (age 16) Old Hull Inn, Old Hull Lane, Tollesbury, Essex, England
Death 1938 (age 63-64) Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
Burial 17 Jul 1938

Child 1: Eveline Esther POTTER


Eveline Esther POTTER, c. 1917, age 22, Potter family

Name: Eveline Esther POTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Stephen APPLETON ( - )
Children: Peggy Eileen APPLETON ( - )
Birth 1895

Child 2: Clara POTTER


Clara POTTER, c. 1917, age 18, Potter family

Name: Clara POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1899

Child 3: Alfred John POTTER

Name: Alfred John POTTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1901

Child 4: Fred POTTER

Name: Fred POTTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1903

Child 5: Esther POTTER

Name: Esther POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1905

Child 6: Vera POTTER


Vera POTTER, c. 1917, age 10, Potter family

Name: Vera POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1907

Child 7: Elaine Gwendoline POTTER


Elaine Gwendoline POTTER, c. 1917, age 7, Potter family

Name: Elaine Gwendoline POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1910

Child 8: Cora May POTTER


Cora May POTTER, c. 1917, age 5, Potter family

Name: Cora May POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1912

Child 9: Iris POTTER

Name: Iris POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1914

Child 10: Zena POTTER


Zena POTTER, c. 1917, age 0, Potter family

Name: Zena POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1917

Child 11: Dulcie Ruth POTTER

Name: Dulcie Ruth POTTER
Sex: Female

Note on Marriage 1

Chris Matthews remembers his grandmother Eveline used to say that Esther Foakes was

pregnant by John Potter before marriage. Her mother, Sarah (Coldham) tried to suffocate her with a pillow "rather than see her have his kids". Obviously, she didn't approve of Alfed Wm Potter.

Esther had moved out and lived with her brother John at the Hoy Inn, Tollesbury.

Note on Marriage 2

Alfred became self-employed and had a small-holding, plus a horse and cart that he used to sell shrimps and veg.

He was fond of several drinks and would often fall asleep on the way home, but the old horse

new the route.

Eventually, he had to change his horse. He fell asleep on the cart one day in 1937 and

due to the inexperience of the new horse, there was an accident and the cart overturned. He was killed.

Esther was devastated. She moved to Stowmarket, Suffolk to be near my Grandmother, Eveline. She died a year later.

Note on Husband: Alfred William POTTER - shared note

Source 00425 says Alfredd William Cotter? but we believe this is Wrong

Note on Wife: Esther FOAKES - shared note

Source 00425 appears to have mixed DoB with Date of Christening or Source 00154 is Wrong Source 00699 DoB 1876 but we have Christening date before this

Note on Child 3: Alfred John POTTER - shared note

Source 00699 is Alfred Potter

Note on Child 7: Elaine Gwendoline POTTER - shared note

Source 00699 says Gwendoline Potter - is the the same person? - or was Elaine Gwendoline one of the two children who died as infants/babies and there was another child named Gwendoline Potter

Note on Child 8: Cora May POTTER - shared note

Source 00699 says Cora Potter

Note on Child 11: Dulcie Ruth POTTER - shared note

Source 00699 states that there was no Dulcie Ruth Potter but suggests she may have been one of the two children who died as infant/babies