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Family of Elijah FOAKES and Grace Maria CANEY

Husband: Elijah FOAKES (c. 1870-1961)
Wife: Grace Maria CANEY (c. 1870- )
Children: Edith Annie FOAKES ( - )
Agnes Kate FOAKES ( - )
Dorothy Elsie FOAKES (1895?-1896?)
Walter Charles FOAKES ( - )
Elsie Winifred FOAKES ( - )
Freda Lily FOAKES ( - )
Marriage c. 30 Mar 1891 Salcott, Essex, England

Husband: Elijah FOAKES

Name: Elijah FOAKES
Sex: Male
Father: John FOLKS (1833-1882)
Mother: Sarah COLDHAM (1833?-1904)
Birth c. Jun 1870 Salcott, Essex, England
1871 Census: age 10 months
Christening 28 Aug 1870 (age 0) Salcott, Essex, England
Death 3 Jun 1961 (age 90-91) Salcott, Essex, England

Wife: Grace Maria CANEY

Name: Grace Maria CANEY
Sex: Female
Father: David CANEY (1834- )
Mother: Mary Ann SOUTHGATE (1834- )
Birth c. Feb 1870 Salcott Essex. England
Education 1881: Scholar

Child 1: Edith Annie FOAKES

Name: Edith Annie FOAKES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles ABBOTT ( - )
Children: ABBOTT ( -1931?)
Birth Salcott, Essex, England

Child 2: Agnes Kate FOAKES

Name: Agnes Kate FOAKES
Sex: Female
Birth Salcott, Essex, England

Child 3: Dorothy Elsie FOAKES

Name: Dorothy Elsie FOAKES
Sex: Female
Birth Nov 1895 (est) Salcott, Essex, England
Death 27 Apr 1896 ("aged 5 Months") (age 0)

Child 4: Walter Charles FOAKES

Name: Walter Charles FOAKES
Sex: Male
Birth Salcott St, Essex, England

Child 5: Elsie Winifred FOAKES

Name: Elsie Winifred FOAKES
Sex: Female
Birth Salcott St, Essex, England

Child 6: Freda Lily FOAKES

Name: Freda Lily FOAKES
Sex: Female
Birth Salcott St, Essex, England

Note on Husband: Elijah FOAKES - shared note

Source 00425 appears to have mixed DoB with Date of Christening or Source 00154 is Wrong

Note on Wife: Grace Maria CANEY - shared note

Source 00425 gives name as Grace Maria CAREY