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Family of William Frederick WISEMAN and Eliza FOAKES

Husband: William Frederick WISEMAN ( - )
Wife: Eliza FOAKES (c. 1860-c. 1960)
Children: Violet WISEMAN (1899-1992)
Marriage c. Feb 1897
March Quarter of 1897

Husband: William Frederick WISEMAN

Name: William Frederick WISEMAN
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Fred WISEMAN
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Norfolk, England

Wife: Eliza FOAKES

Name: Eliza FOAKES
Sex: Female
Father: Robert FOAKES (1831-1907)
Mother: Emma DINES (1838?-c. 1919)
Birth c. May 1860 Salcott, Essex, England
Birth Index 4a 250
Occupation 1881 Census: Domestic Servant
Death c. 1960 (age 99-100)

Child 1: Violet WISEMAN

Name: Violet WISEMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank EAGLING (1899-1984)
Children: Roland EAGLING (1932- )
Birth 1899
Death 1992 (age 92-93)

Note on Husband: William Frederick WISEMAN

Fred was an imposing man with a drooping moustache. Expelled from school (he was also born in Norfolk) he ran away to join the army. He served in India and then worked on the LNER railway as head shunter at Colchester and lastly as a guard. He was the first president of the Colchester branch of the National Union of Railwaymen. From a rebel schoolboy and tearaway he became (as I knew him) a pillar of society with a very strict moral code. (Story by Roland Eagling)