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Family of Thomas RICHARDS and Margaret WICKS

Husband: Thomas RICHARDS ( - )
Wife: Margaret WICKS (1846-c. 1896)
Children: Alice Mary RICHARDS (1874-1926)
Walter James RICHARDS ( -1952)
Frederick Thomas RICHARDS (c. 1877-1883)
Ernest (Ernie) RICHARDS (c. 1879-1916)
William Robert (Willie) RICHARDS (1883-1903)
Daisy RICHARDS (1885- )
Arthur RICHARDS (1887-1960)
Marriage Q3 1872 Eastry, Kent, England
Source 1 suggests they were married in Dorchester but as they
were both born in Dover and Alice Mary was also born there it
seems more likely they were married in Dover

Husband: Thomas RICHARDS

Name: Thomas RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Father: James RICHARDS (c. 1810-1860)
Mother: Maria UPTON (c. 1812- )
Birth "about 1846-1847" Waldershare, (Dover, ) Kent
Occupation 1861 & 1901 Census: Gardener Domestic - 1911: Jobbing Gardener
Occupation 1871 Census: Gardener
Occupation Census 1881 & 1891: Colporter
Occupation Baptist Preacher until daughter had illigitimate children
Religion Baptist
Death "circa 1931-1933" Woking, Surrey, England
Age 86

Wife: Margaret WICKS

Name: Margaret WICKS
Sex: Female
Father: Robert WICKS (1823-1906)
Mother: Mary Ann MILLS (1824-1903)
Birth 1846 Waldershare, Coldred, Kent, England
1871 / 1881 Census
Christening 22 Feb 1846 (age 0) Waldershare, Kent, England
Census 1881 (age 34-35)
Occupation 1871 Census; Cook Domestic
Death c. 1896 (age 49-50) Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Died of Heart Attack - Age 50

Child 1: Alice Mary RICHARDS

Name: Alice Mary RICHARDS
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Henry John (Futcher) TRYHORN (1854-1939)
Spouse 2: Walter William HART (1852-1903)
Spouse 3: Unknown partner to Alice Mary Richards ( - )
Spouse 4: Unknown - Thought to be a Scotsman ( - )
Children: Mabel TRYHORN (FORMERLY RICHARDS) (1894- )
William James Beer RICHARDS (1896-1968)
Albert Edward TRYHORN (1897- )
Edward (Ted) TRYHORN (FORMERLY RICHARDS) (1898-1978)
Reginald (Reg or Mick) TRYHORN (1900-1990)
Dorothy ASH (1906- )
Leonard Arthur (Len) TRYHORN (1912-1986)
William James Beer RICHARDS (1896-1968)
Edward (Ted) TRYHORN (FORMERLY RICHARDS) (1898-1978)
Reginald (Reg or Mick) TRYHORN (1900-1990)
Birth 1874 Waldershare, Kent, England
Death 5 Jul 1926 (age 51-52) Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Died following an operation to remove stones from her liver (12
as big as birds eggs we are told)she died on the tenth day of

Child 2: Walter James RICHARDS

Name: Walter James RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary SHEPPARD (1863- )
Spouse 2: Elizabeth SHEPPARD (1858- )
Birth "circa 1873 - 1875" Littleworth, Staffordshire UK
Occupation 1901 CensusL Bombadier
Death 1952 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Child 3: Frederick Thomas RICHARDS

Name: Frederick Thomas RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1877 Dorchester, Dorset UK
Death 1883 (age 5-6) said to have died at Fisherton Bridge, Salisbury Infirmary perhaps or River accident

Child 4: Ernest (Ernie) RICHARDS

Name: Ernest (Ernie) RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1879 1881 Census: Dorchester, Dorset UK - 1891 Census: Salisbury, Wiltshire:
Occupation British Army Marines
Education 1891: - Scholar
Death 1916 (age 36-37) Died at Sea

Child 5: William Robert (Willie) RICHARDS

Name: William Robert (Willie) RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Birth 1883 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Printer !! & Compositor
Death 1903 (age 19-20) Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Child 6: Daisy RICHARDS

Name: Daisy RICHARDS
Sex: Female
Birth 1885 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Housemaid Domestic

Child 7: Arthur RICHARDS

Name: Arthur RICHARDS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Rose HUNT (1888-1971)
Children: Arthur Thomas RICHARDS (1915-2002)
Walter Ernest RICHARDS (1917-1974)
Mary Margaret RICHARDS (1919- )
Birth 1887 Milford, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 1901 Census: Errand Boy (Patient in Salisbury Infirmary)
Occupation Worked on the Railways
Education 1891: - Scholar
Death 1960 (age 72-73) Woking, Surrey, England

Note on Husband: Thomas RICHARDS - shared note

Known to have sold Bibles when he first moved to Salisbury Noted as a Widower in 1911 Census ***

Note on Wife: Margaret WICKS - shared note

Early information suggested Margaret's surname, based only on hearsay, was Weeks. Weeks / Wicks would be an easy mistake and stronger evidence now suggests it Was Wicks. 1871 Census: born Coldred, Kent, England 1881 & 1891 Census: Born Waldershare, Kent. England Waldershare is Parish within Codred, Kent ***

Note on Child 1: Alice Mary RICHARDS (1) - shared note

in 1896 Alice was working for the butcher Mr Hart (possibly Walter William) who had a shop in Salisbury (possibly on a site which later became MacFisheries - 29 or 24 Butchers Row) ***

Note on Child 1: Alice Mary RICHARDS (2) - shared note

1881 Census: Born Dover, Kent 1891 Census: born Waldershare, Kent - this ties in best with available information 1901 Census born Waldershare, Kent - possibly Shepherdswell Alice became pregnant by her employer Mr Hart who had a shop in Salisbury (possibly on a site which later became Mac Fisheries - 29 or 24 Butcher Row). 1911 Census: No children born alive in marriage to Henry John Tryhorn

Note on Child 2: Walter James RICHARDS - shared note

1901 Census: Born St Luke, Stafford, age 28, DoB 1873 Nothing more is known about Walter except that someone of his name is listed at 30 Sidney Street (Kelly 1897/98), 73 Brown Street (kelly 1912) and 102 Exeter Terrace (Kelly 1925)

Note on Child 4: Ernest (Ernie) RICHARDS - shared note

Assumed to be a war casualty but cannot locate on Commonwealth War Graves Commission website

Note on Child 6: Daisy RICHARDS - shared note

Source 00731: - Born 1884