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Family of Frank EAGLING and Violet WISEMAN

Husband: Frank EAGLING (1899-1984)
Wife: Violet WISEMAN (1899-1992)
Children: Roland EAGLING (1932- )
Marriage Colchester, Essex, England

Husband: Frank EAGLING

Name: Frank EAGLING
Sex: Male
Father: Adam James EAGLING (1868-1958)
Mother: Eliza ( - )
Birth 1899
Occupation 1913 (cal) (age 14) Apprenticed to Grocer
Another tale was that when my father Frank was 14 and apprenticed to a grocer, at 10 0'clock on Christmas Eve he had not come home and his father went to fetch him. He was still working and his father was told 'Frank must take the rough with the smooth'. (Story by Roland Eagling))
Death 1984 (age 84-85)

Wife: Violet WISEMAN

Name: Violet WISEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: William Frederick WISEMAN ( - )
Mother: Eliza FOAKES (c. 1860-c. 1960)
Birth 1899
Death 1992 (age 92-93)

Child 1: Roland EAGLING

Name: Roland EAGLING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bronwen BACK (1934-1994)
Children: Stephen EAGLING (1959- )
Peter EAGLING (1961- )
Ruth EAGLING (1964- )
Rachel EAGLING (1972- )
Birth 1932 Colchester, Essex, England

Note on Husband: Frank EAGLING

At the time my father was born in1899 life was hard. I have heard that on Sundays my grandfather had a boiled egg for his breakfast and my father, being the eldest, would be given the top. Apart from that it was bread only for breakfast. (By Roland Eagling)