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Family of Charles ABBOTT and Edith Annie FOAKES

Husband: Charles ABBOTT ( - )
Wife: Edith Annie FOAKES ( - )
Children: ABBOTT ( -1931?)

Husband: Charles ABBOTT

Name: Charles ABBOTT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Edith Annie FOAKES

Name: Edith Annie FOAKES
Sex: Female
Father: Elijah FOAKES (c. 1870-1961)
Mother: Grace Maria CANEY (c. 1870- )
Birth Salcott, Essex, England

Child 1: ABBOTT

Sex: Female
Death 19 Dec 1931 ("Died as Infant, possibly at birth")

Note on Child 1: ABBOTT

No name given on grave stone , just infant daughter of Charles and Edith Abott