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Family of William DILLEY and Ellen BOYT


Family of William DILLEY and Ellen BOYT, St John's Church, Fremantle

Husband: William DILLEY (1822-1891)
Wife: Ellen BOYT (1830?-1895)
Children: Eleanor Louisa DILLEY (1851-1928)
Eliza DILLEY (1854-1922)
Frederick William DILLEY (1856-1859)
Emma DILLEY (1858-1936)
Ellen DILLEY (1861-1934)
Louisa DILLEY (1863-1912)
Charlotte DILLEY (1866-1938)
George Edward DILLEY (1868-1944)
Francis James DILLEY (1870-1924)
Frances DILLEY (1875-1915)
Marriage 26 Dec 1850 Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
St John's Church, 3 Adelaide Street, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Reg. No. 333

Husband: William DILLEY


William DILLEY, St John's Church, Fremantle

Name: William DILLEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1822 Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England
Death 11 Sep 1891 (age 68-69) Capel, Western Australia

Wife: Ellen BOYT


Ellen BOYT, St John's Church, Fremantle

Name: Ellen BOYT
Sex: Female
Father: George BOYT (aft1805-1886)
Mother: Maria GILBERT (1804-1840)
Birth 1830 (est) Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England
Christening 14 Feb 1830 (age 0) Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England
Residence 6 Jun 1841 (age 11) Church Street, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England
Emigration 27 Apr 1850 (age 20) from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England to Western Australia
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Death 1 Oct 1895 (age 64-65) Perth, Australia
Duoro Street
Reg. No. 1289

Child 1: Eleanor Louisa DILLEY

Name: Eleanor Louisa DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1851 Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Death 1928 (age 76-77) Capel, Western Australia

Child 2: Eliza DILLEY

Name: Eliza DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 14 Feb 1854 York, Western Australia
Death 30 Oct 1922 (age 68) Busselton, Western Australia

Child 3: Frederick William DILLEY

Name: Frederick William DILLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Mar 1856 York, Western Australia
Death 14 Sep 1859 (age 3) York, Western Australia

Child 4: Emma DILLEY

Name: Emma DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Sep 1858 York, Western Australia
Death 14 Jul 1936 (age 77) Capel, Western Australia

Child 5: Ellen DILLEY

Name: Ellen DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Feb 1861 Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Death 2 Aug 1934 (age 73) Bunbury, Western Australia
Bunbury Hospital

Child 6: Louisa DILLEY

Name: Louisa DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1863 Capel River, Western Australia
Death 9 Oct 1912 (age 48-49) East Perth, Western Australia
Ipswich Street, Victoria Park

Child 7: Charlotte DILLEY

Name: Charlotte DILLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1866 Capel, Western Australia
Death 19 Feb 1938 (age 71-72) Perth, Western Australia
St John's Hospital

Child 8: George Edward DILLEY

Name: George Edward DILLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jun 1868 Capel, Western Australia
Death 24 Feb 1944 (age 75) Capel, Western Australia

Child 9: Francis James DILLEY

Name: Francis James DILLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1870 Capel, Western Australia
Death 17 Jun 1924 (age 53-54) Capel, Western Australia

Child 10: Frances DILLEY

Name: Frances DILLEY
Sex: Female
Nickname: Fanny
Birth 23 Aug 1875 Bunbury, Western Australia
Death 24 May 1915 (age 39) Donnybrook, Western Australia

Note on Marriage

William and Ellen migrated to Western Australia before the birth of Eleanor Louisa Dilley

Note on Wife: Ellen BOYT

Ellen Went to Australia in 1850 where she settled in Perth area and married.


Ellen is Ivy Beeson's Great Grandmother


Ivy says Ellen emigrated after her mother died, Ellen must have emigrated around the same time as Harry

Note on Child 10: Frances DILLEY

Known as Fanny