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Family of Joseph TRIHORN and Jane HONEYCOTT

Husband: Joseph TRIHORN (1782-1864)
Wife: Jane HONEYCOTT (1796- )
Children: Elizabeth ELIZA A TRYHORN (1826- )

Husband: Joseph TRIHORN

Name: Joseph TRIHORN
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Joseph TRYHORN
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1782
Corrected from 1874 as age at death is stated as 82 years
Baptism 8 Aug 1784 (age 1-2) Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire, England
Occupation Labourer
Death 21 Nov 1864 (age 81-82) Gigant Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK
Aged 82 - Death Certificate gives cause of death "from a violent
blow from Henry Futcher", his son-inlaw.


Sex: Female
Father: HONEYCOTT ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1796 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Child 1: Elizabeth ELIZA A TRYHORN

Name: Elizabeth ELIZA A TRYHORN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry John FUTCHER (1830-1875)
Children: Henry John (Futcher) TRYHORN (1854-1939)
Sarah J TRYHORN (1857- )
Alice E TRYHORN (c. 1860- )
Birth 1826 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 35) Works in the Fields
Occupation 2 Apr 1871 (age 41) Laundress

Note on Husband: Joseph TRIHORN - shared note

Cause of death give as "from a violent blow from Henry Futcher", his son-in-law. Henry Futcher was accused of Manslaughter. There is a three column article in the local paper regarding this.

Note on Child 1: Elizabeth ELIZA A TRYHORN (1) - shared note

1871 Census: - Born in Cornwall - age 41 - DoB 1830 Elizabeth and her 11year old son, Henry, were witness the mansslaughter of her father, Henry's Grandfather, by Elizabeth's husband (Henry John Futcher) Both were called to testify. Ongoing research

Note on Child 1: Elizabeth ELIZA A TRYHORN (2)

1871 Census age 41, DoB 1830