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Family of Unknown partner - Eva Harriet Drewett and Eva Harriet DREWETT

Husband: Unknown partner - Eva Harriet Drewett ( - )
Wife: Eva Harriet DREWETT (1901-1977)
Children: John Bernard DREWETT (1922-1924)

Husband: Unknown partner - Eva Harriet Drewett

Name: Unknown partner - Eva Harriet Drewett
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Eva Harriet DREWETT


Eva Harriet DREWETT, 1947, age 46, Phyliis M J Richards Wedding


Eva Harriet DREWETT, wjbr01 grave


Eva Harriet DREWETT, wjbr02 grave

Name: Eva Harriet DREWETT
Sex: Female
Father: Edwin John DREWETT (1871-1952)
Mother: Mary Ann CHAMPION (1875-1951)
Birth 1 Sep 1901 Tinhead, Edington Wiltshire UK
Death 25 Aug 1977 (age 75) 13 Palmer Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Burial London Road Cemetery, Salisbury
Cremation Salisbury Crematorium

Child 1: John Bernard DREWETT


John Bernard DREWETT, wjbr01 grave


John Bernard DREWETT, wjbr02 grave

Name: John Bernard DREWETT
Sex: Male
Birth Aug 1922
Illigitimate son of Eva Harriet Drewett
Death 17 Apr 1924 (age 1) London Road Cemetery, Salisbury

Note on Wife: Eva Harriet DREWETT - shared note

The father of John Bernard is not known but it seems possible that Eva went to stay with her sister Dorothy at Exeter Terrace, perhaps to avoid scandal at home