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Family of Joseph DENNING and Adelaide COX

Husband: Joseph DENNING (1863- )
Wife: Adelaide COX (1858- )
Children: Mary Ann DENNING (1889-1972)

Husband: Joseph DENNING

Name: Joseph DENNING
Sex: Male
Father: John DENNING (1832- )
Mother: Rachel MERRIFIELD (1836- )
Birth 1863

Wife: Adelaide COX

Name: Adelaide COX
Sex: Female
Father: William COX (1838- )
Mother: Adelaide (1835- )
Birth 1858

Child 1: Mary Ann DENNING


Mary Ann DENNING, Mary Ann Denning


Spouse: Thomas (Tom) BANFIELD, Thomas Banfield

Name: Mary Ann DENNING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas (Tom) BANFIELD (1879-1955)
Children: George BANFIELD (1912-c. 2005)
Olive Rhoda BANFIELD (1913-2007)
John Jellico BANFIELD (1915-1984)
Albert BANFIELD (1916-1916)
Albert Toppers BANFIELD (1917-1976)
Betty Ivy Beryl BANFIELD (1919-c. 2003)
Ellen (Ella) BANFIELD (1921-2008)
Iris BANFIELD (1923- )
Lewis BANFIELD (1925- )
Lawrence BANFIELD (1931- )
Birth 21 May 1889 Oakhill, Somerset, England
Baptism 23 Jun 1889 (age 0)
Death 29 Aug 1972 (age 83) Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Burial Stoke St Michael Church, Somerset, England

Note on Child 1: Mary Ann DENNING - shared note

*** Details confirmed in Tewkesbury Abbey Lost her arm in an accident, aged 12 yrs, where she fell off a cart on which she was riding and either it, or another vehicle ran over it. Still managed to raise her family with no electricity & running water, with help from her sister Ada