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Family of Richard FOAKES and Elizabeth Caroline

Husband: Richard FOAKES (1870-1949)
Wife: Elizabeth Caroline (1875-1943)
Children: Dick FOAKES (1899-1959)
Marriage "about 1898 or 1899" Essex, England

Husband: Richard FOAKES


Richard FOAKES, Richard Foakes gravestone


Richard FOAKES, birch Parish Church

Name: Richard FOAKES
Sex: Male
Father: Robert FOAKES (1831-1907)
Mother: Emma DINES (1838?-c. 1919)
Birth 1870 Tollesbury, Essex, England
1901 Census; age 30 DoB 1871
Occupation 1901 Census: Agricultural Labourer
Death 14 Sep 1949 (age 78-79)
Burial aft 14 Sep 1949 Birch Parish Church, Birch, Essex, England
Grave Number 16459

Wife: Elizabeth Caroline


Elizabeth Caroline, Richar%20Foakes%20wife%20and%20Daughter_small


Elizabeth Caroline, birch Parish Church


Elizabeth Caroline, Richard Foakes gravestone

Name: Elizabeth Caroline
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1875 Salcot, Essex, England
1901 Census: - born 1877
Death 14 Nov 1943 (age 67-68)
Burial aft 14 Nov 1943 Birch Parish Church, Birch, Essex, England
Grave Number 16459

Child 1: Dick FOAKES


Dick FOAKES, Dick%20nFoakes%20wedding%20group_small

Name: Dick FOAKES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gladys Irene ( -1993)
Birth 1899 Layer Breton, Essex, England
Death 1959 (age 59-60)
Burial 1959 Birch Parish Church, Birch, Essex, England
Grave Number 16452

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Caroline - shared note

Either Elizabeth Clarke or Elizabeth Juniper - Elizabeth Juniper was born about 1875 in Great Wigborough, Essex, England Elizabeth Juniper was on 1891 Census as a servant, address unknown, but it was a large house with lots of servants, in the parish of Great Wigborough. 1901 Census: - born 1877, Gravestone born 1875