Family of Nicholas HANSFORD and Christable DORCHESTER

Husband: Nicholas HANSFORD (c. 1620- )
Wife: Christable DORCHESTER (c. 1620- )
Children: Mathias HANSFORD (1664- )
John HANSFORD (1669-c. 1743)
Marriage "5 February 1640 or 1641" Puncknowle, Dorset, England
Assumed correct marriage

Husband: Nicholas HANSFORD

Name: Nicholas HANSFORD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1620 Dorset, England

Wife: Christable DORCHESTER

Name: Christable DORCHESTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1620 Dorset, England

Child 1: Mathias HANSFORD

Name: Mathias HANSFORD
Sex: Male
Birth 1664 Loders, Dorset, England
Christening 26 Jun 1664 (age 0) Loders, Dorset, England

Child 2: John HANSFORD

Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary (c. 1670-c. 1736)
Children: Thomas HANSFORD (1692- )
John HANSFORD (1694- )
Philip HANSFORD (c. 1700-1771)
Joseph HANSFORD (1701-c. 1748)
Mary HANSFORD (1703- )
William HANSFORD (1706-1789)
Birth 1669 Loders, Dorset, England
Christening 12 Sep 1669 (age 0) Loders, Dorset, England
Death c. 1743 (age 73-74) Askerwell, Dorset, England
Burial 17 Apr 1743 Askerwell, Dorset, England
A John Hansford was buried Askerwell 17 April 1743 and 30 August

Note on Husband: Nicholas HANSFORD - shared note

There is a generation gap between marriage date and first son, which suggests there may have been another son Nicholas. - the father of Mathias and John?. This is quite likely as the period from 1643-1660 was civil marriages only ant the parish register may not have been written up afterwards. Alternatively ther father Nicholas could hve been the son of another brother, such as John. The descendant line has not yet been confirmed as correct. There is a query over William Hansford c1706 - possibly an different William.

Note on Child 2: John HANSFORD - shared note

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